easiGlow protocol

 Vacuum pump switch should already be on, the vacuum pump valve should be closed

1. Open vacuum pump valve, Power switch will turn on glow discharge system and vacuum, touch screen will display the autorun screen

2. Carefully remove the glass chamber, use both hands to prevent hitting sides of jar on any of the metal of the glow discharge head.

3. Check to see that no damage on the edge of the jar was made, or that the protective rubber gasket is in place (if available)

4. Place grids on a microscope slide support to be placed onto the sample table. Grids should have carbon or holey-carbon face up on the slide.  

5. Place microscope slide supporting grids onto the sample table. Check that the o-ring is positioned correctly

6. Carefully seat the glass chamber evenly back on the seal

7. Check to see if the autorun parameters need any modifications, press 'Prog' to edit

8. Use the touch screen to change any parameters, hit the 'Next' button to advance

9. Hit 'save program settings' on the touch screen to commit changes, then hit 'Auto' to return to the autorun screen

10. On the Run Screen press auto run to start the method. If no gas is attached to the inlets, air will be used at the designated pressure for hydrophilic treatment creating a negative charged surface.

11.The vacuum should start up and the pressure in the chamber will steadily drop. Vacuum will adjust until the pressure equilibrates to the value designated in the method. The run button will become a ‘stop’ button. After the pressure stabilizes, the glow discharge will be maintained at the current designated in the method. Ionization at 15mA should result in a visible purple glow. Check that the glow discharge lasts the desired duration

12. After the method finishes or if you aborted the run, wait for the final soft vent to atmospheric pressure and gently nudge or twist the glass chamber until it dislodges. Do not apply a lot of force. Wait longer for the rubber seals to deform and allow equalization of pressure.

13. Remove grids, carefully replace jar, close vacuum pump valve and switch off power after you are finished