Basic operation of microscopes 


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    Caltech Getting Started in Cryo-EM, by Jensen Lab

    • This class covers the fundamental principles underlying cryo-electron microscopy starting with the basic anatomy of electron microscopes, an introduction to Fourier transforms, and the principles of image formation. Building upon that foundation, the class then covers the sample preparation issues, data collection strategies, and basic image processing workflows for all 3 basic modalities of modern cryo-EM: tomography, single particle analysis, and 2-D crystallography.  
    • Here are the links, YouTube playlistiTunes U courseCoursera on-line courseConcepts questions (pdf)

    CryoEM 101

    • Cryo-EM 101 was created by Peter Shen and Janet Iwasa at the University of Utah.  It's a media-rich curriculum to augment users’ own hands-on training. The training material will contain videos, animations, and interactive simulations that cover the major components of the cryo-EM workflow.
    • Here is the link, CryoEM101

    MRC Lectures

    NRAMM Workshops

    UCSF Cryo-EM Enthusiasts Meeting